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This tour is directed to adventurous, active participants that have a yearning to get out and experience the outdoors firsthand. Discover Brazil through hiking, rafting, boating, discovering waterfalls, biking, staying in hotels, pousadas (lodges) and camps. Experience a real natural paradise and see fascinating historical places in Brazil. Note that this trip is intended for travelers in good physical condition, but participation in optional hikes and activities is not mandatory. You'll get to see wildlife, exotic plant life and rugged terrain up close. Many of the places may be unknown to you, but will always remain in your memory after you leave. We've prepared the ideal adventure tour, combining unsurpassed natural beauty and charming small colonial towns. Come along if you can!

 Short itinerary

Day 1 -
Departure from your home town to São Paulo, Brazil
Day 2 -
São Paulo Airport to Brotas (SP) - 260 km
Day 3 -
Brotas - Hiking tours - Waterfalls - Rafting - Rappelling - Canoeing
Day 4 -
Brotas to Delfinopolis (MG) - 351 km
Day 5 -
National Park Serra da Canastra - Hiking - Waterfalls
Day 6 -
Delfinopolis to Serra do Cipo - 460 km
Day 7 -
Serra do Cipo - Hiking - Waterfalls
Day 8 -
Serra do Cipo to Serro - Milho Verde (hiking or bike tour along the "golden route" to Diamantina) - 130 km
Day 9 -
Diamantina (MG), historical city - Serra do Espinhaco
Day 10 -
Diamantina to Ouro Preto (MG) - 380 km
Day 11 -
Ouro Preto to Tiradentes (MG) to Santa Rita de Ibitipoca - 270 km
Day 12 -
Hiking - Waterfalls (Ibitipoca Park)
Day 13 -
Santo Rita de Ibitipoca to Petropolis (RJ) - 200 km
Day 14 -
Petropolis to Rio de Janeiro - Hang or paragliding from mountaintop with parachute - 66 km
Day 15 -
Hiking to Gavea Rocks, Tijuca Forest
Day 16 -
Rio de Janeiro - Flight home

 Detailed itinerary

 Day 1
 - Departure from Miami or New York
 Depart from your home town on an international flight to São Paulo, Brazil.

 Day 2  - São Paulo Airport to Brotas (SP) - 260 km
Your guide will meet you upon arrival and deliver a brief introduction to the country and to your trip. We will bypass São Paulo, the largest city in South America. From the airport, the group will board the motor coach to travel to Brotas, which lies about 260 km (160 miles) northwest of the city in the state of São Paulo. Overnight in Brotas.

 Day 3  - Brotas - Hiking tours - Waterfalls - Rafting - Rappelling - Canoeing
Brotas is a year-round hotspot for adventure activities and especially water sports. Born in the days of the coffee boom, it is located a region rich in water resources, the most prominent of all being the mighty Jacar魐epira River. In Brotas, we'll get up early to go rafting, canoeing, tubing, hiking or rappelling (all activities are optional). There are a number of easy, self-guided trails here that will lead us to discover waterfalls, such as the Cachoeira Santa Maria, towering at 65 meters (over 210 feet!) and crystal-clear springs. Wildlife to be found in this barely-tamed region includes armadillo, deer, raccoons, capybaras and the endangered maned wolf (guará) Overnight in Brotas.

 Day 4  - Brotas to Delfinopolis (MG) - 351 km
From Brotas, we'll make an early departure and proceed to Delfinopolis, a small town in the state of Minas Gerais, a vast state rich in agricultural and mining resources. Just about every mineral in the world can be found in the state of Minas Gerais; many prospecting expeditions came into the area in colonial times. Delfinopolis is the gateway to the awe-inspiring Serra da Canastra National Park. Today's drive encompasses roughly 350 km (215 miles); along the way we'll spot some pretty farmland and river country. Overnight in Delfinopolis.

 Day 5  - National Park Serra da Canastra - Hiking - Waterfalls
Serra da Canastra National Park, in the southeast of Minas Gerais, was set aside in 1972 to protect the spring waters of the São  Francisco River. The park consists of approximately 175,000 acres and is covered in typical cerrado vegetation, which consists of grassland and gallery forest, with thicker growth in the grottos and valleys. Here we'll engage in exhilarating hiking, visit tucked-away waterfalls and more. Overnight in Delfinopolis.

 Day 6  - Delfinopolis to Serra do Cipo - 460 km
Today we'll make the drive from Delfinopolis to Serra do Cipo. It's a full 460 km (285 miles) to our destination.

 Day 7  - Serra do Cipo - Hiking - Waterfalls
The Serra do Cipó region is a superb place to see the region's beauty firsthand. This colorful national park has flowery fields that bloom almost year-round; there are more than 1600 catalogued species of plants to be found here. We'll go hiking and view some of the numerous area waterfalls today, such as the Cachoeira da Farofa. Notable area wildlife include the endangered maned wolf, the great anteater and the peculiar and poisonous pajama toad, among other birds, reptiles and mammals.

 Day 8  - Serra do Cipo to Serro - Milho Verde (hiking or bike tour along the "golden route" to Diamantina) - 130 km
Today we depart from Serra do Cipó and drive to the historical town of Serro. We'll also get to see the quaint village of Milho Verde. There are grottos in the area with prehistoric paintings that date back at least half a millennium. We have the option of going on an exhilarating hiking or biking tour on the legendary "gold route" to Diamantina. Total distance traveled today will be 130 km (80 miles). We will enter the Jequitinhonha Valley (pronounced "jeh-kee-cheen-on-ya"), surrounded by the Espinhaco Mountains. The valley has twice the area of Switzerland. The colorful culture has its origins dating to colonial mining times, and is known for its unique animal, human and plant-shaped ceramic designs. Overnight in Diamantina.

 Day 9  - Diamantina (MG), historical city - Serra do Espinhaco
We'll enjoy a short city tour of Diamantina, an historical city established in 1729 by gold prospectors. When diamonds were discovered here, the Portuguese crown dubbed the area the diamond district, hence the name "Diamantina." Entrance to the area was restricted to mainly mine workers (African slaves) and the Portuguese aristocracy. The mines were known as garimpos; the miners garimpeiros. Although the mines yield fewer minerals today, the river valley has a wealth of ecological beauty to offer. We'll have a first-class view of the Serra do Espinhaço Mountain range. Overnight in a local pousada.

 Day 10  - Diamantina to Ouro Preto (MG) - 380 km
We'll leave Diamantina to drive to Ouro Preto. Ouro Preto is a baroque-style town with cobblestone streets, typical of some of the small towns that can be found amid the wilderness of Minas Gerais. When many of the towns were founded, Baroque was the prevailing style of architecture and towns like Ouro Preto still reflects this intricate character. We'll travel about 380 km (235 miles) today, seeing unforgettable scenery of mountains and fields. Overnight in Ouro Preto.

 Day 11  - Ouro Preto to Tiradentes (MG) to Santa Rita de Ibitipoca - 270 km
Today we say goodbye to charming Ouro Preto and drive to Tiradentes. The town's name comes from the popular moniker of patriot and martyr Joaquim Josê da Silva Xavier; the free-thinking dentist (Tiradentes means "tooth-puller") was executed in 1792 by the crown for stirring up the independence movement. Today Tiradentes is a small town that has kept its 18th century charm while attracting artists like painter Oscar Araripe. The surrounding landscape boasts trails, waterfalls and curious rock formations. We'll make our way further to Santa Rita de Ibitipoca. We traverse a total of 270 km today. Overnight at a local pousada.

 Day 12  - Hiking - Waterfalls (Ibitipoca Park)
Our mission today is to explore the exotic landscape of the Ibitipoca State Park on a driving and hiking excursion. Part of the larger Atlantic forest ecosystem, rugged Ibitipoca is a prime area for touring beautiful waterfalls, springs and caves. The park is situated at the edge of the Mantiqueira coastal range, and the cloud forest vegetation is rich in bromeliads and orchids. The area is a spelunker's delight, and we will have the chance to visit the Bromeliad Cave, noted as the world's largest quartzite cave, among 14 other large caves located within the protected area. We'll also get the chance to see beautiful Lago dos Espelhos (Lake of Mirrors). The average altitude in this area is about 1200 m (4000 feet) above sea level; within the park we will ascend higher. Overnight at a local pousada.

 Day 13  - Santo Rita de Ibitipoca to Petropolis (RJ) - 200 km
Today we'll head from Santa Rita de Ibitipoca to Petropolis in the state of Rio de Janeiro, going a distance of about 200 km. Petropolis is located only 66 km (41 miles). Set in the mountains, imperial Petropolis was once the seat of Brazil's Royal Family. Horse-drawn carriages still ply the cobblestone streets of the city. We'll have a look at Quitandinha Palace, the summer residence of Dom Pedro II, Brazil's last emperor, who ruled until 1889. The Palace is now a museum displaying the crown jewels, paintings and furniture of the Brazilian empire. The Igreja Luterana (Lutheran Church) is a sight to behold. Dozens of fine restaurants are located within the city center. Overnight in Petropolis.

 Day 14  - Petropolis to Rio de Janeiro - Hang or paragliding from mountaintop with parachute - 66 km
We'll depart from Petropolis towards Rio. We will stop at the cliffs for optional hang gliding or paragliding (from the mountaintop with a guided parachute). No experience is necessary, just a lot of gumption! But once you swallow your fears, the views are exhilarating. Participants will fly as a passenger in the hands of an certified expert. Non-gliders will enjoy the sightseeing from the ramp. Proceed to Rio to check in to your hotel and relax or go out on the town. A giant city in a beautiful setting between the sea and the mountains, Rio is home to about 7 million Cariocas. Overnight in Rio de Janeiro.

 Day 15  - Hiking to Gavea Rocks, Tijuca Forest
Today we will set out to hiking to Pedra da Gavea (Gavea Rocks). Set atop a coastal mountain at 842 m (2760 feet) above sea level, this impressive rock formation resembles a carved figure, a Sphinx-like giant face. An inscription was discovered resembling Phoenician script. The rocks are surrounded by lush vegetation. We'll make an excursion to the Tijuca Forest, a tropical forest area covering over 40 square miles; it is the majestic remnant of the rainforest that once surrounded Rio. We'll see waterfalls, a colonial chapel, lagoons, caves and gardens in Tijuca. Overnight in Rio de Janeiro.

 Day 16  - Rio de Janeiro - Flight home
Today, we'll be transferred to the Rio de Janeiro airport for our flight home. We're confident that you've taken Brazil and its natural wonders to heart. Até logo!

The ecobrazil family wishes you a great expedition!
  Tour package includes 

- Double accommodations
- Daily breakfast
- Selected activities & admission fees
- Bilingual guide services
 NOTE  Prices, as listed in our rates pages, are subject to availability and may vary by time of year. All prices are based on double accommodations and subject to change without notice. This is a preset departure bus tour and prices are based on groups of 20 passengers or more. Package does not include international airfares, airport taxes, optional tours, tips or items of a personal nature.

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