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Experience the Pantanal wetlands, one of the greatest ecological sanctuary. This vast wetland houses thousands of animals such as alligators, snakes, capybaras, and also infinite numbers of birds and plants species. Pantanal is an important migration stop for millions of birds annually. Bonito is located in the southern Pantanal area, a magical place with countless freshwater lakes, rivers and caves. Over 80 fantastic wet and dry caves mark Bonito as one of the best places in the world for caving and cave diving and fresh water snorkeling.

 Short itinerary


Day 1 -
Departure from home town to Campo Grande, Brazil
Day 2 -
Campo Grande - Pantanal - Relax - Nature walks - Optional "flight-seeing"
Day 3 -
Pantanal - Optional excursions



Day 4 -
Depart Pantanal for Bonito - Visit Indigenous people
Day 5 -
Bonito - Walks and Optional excursions
Day 6 -
Bonito - Walks and Optional excursions


Day 4 - Bonito - Diving Gruta de Mimosa
Day 5 - Bonito - Diving Ceita-Corê cave
Day 6 - Bonito - Diving Formoso River Springs

Day 7 - Bonito - Campo Grande - Departure

 Detailed itinerary

 Day 1
 - Departure from Miami or other international airport
Departure from your home town to Campo Grande, Brazil.

 Day 2  - Campo Grande - Pantanal - Relax - Nature walks - Optional "flight-seeing"
A frontier town founded in 1889, Campo Grande openly mixes the modern with the cowboy heritage of the region. Upon arrival in Campo Grande, we will be met and proceed in the westerly direction of the vast wetlands of the Pantanal. We'll pass through the cities of Aquidauana and finally to Miranda, a small yet lively town on the southern edge of the Pantanal. The Pantanal, a large wetland ecosystem, is one of the world's greatest wildlife preserves; here we'll see piranhas, alligators and jacaré³ (caimans), anteaters, opossums, monkeys and over 650 species of birds. It was probably a sea once, evidenced by the presence of marine shells, salt water lagoons and the spotted ray and other freshwater fish resembling salt water species. Here you can relax in the beauty of unspoiled nature. Walk the trail to see the wildlife and birds and take a truck ride through the swampy grasslands. There will be an evening nature walk, where we'll spot alligators. We'll also take a boat ride on the Paraguay River to the border of Bolivia. You'll have the chance to go piranha fishing (optional, includes equipment). Another possibility is to take a half-hour flight in a small plane and see the natural wonders of the Pantanal from the air. The whole region is a preferred destination for nature and wildlife photography; the sunsets here are especially picturesque. Overnight in Pantanal

 Day 3  - Pantanal - Optional excursions
Spend the day in the wild Pantanal for excursions, or relax at the hotel and take advantage of the swimming pool. Take an optional excursion to the Macaw Farm, in the middle of Pantanal. The farm showcases different species of macaws and is surrounded by water on the well-known Park Road where thousands of animals and birds live. Or visit the Fazenda São Francisco, a former rice farm where animals come and congregate to feed. Here we can take an exciting photo safari in an open truck to see the Brazilian leopard, deer, eagle, macaws and many other birds as well as the beautiful trees, flowers and plants of the area. Dinner is included. Overnight in Pantanal.

For day 4 - 6 there are two options available in the Bonito area as follows:


 Day 4  - Depart Pantanal for Bonito - Visit Indigenous people
On the way, we will visit an indigenous village inhabited by one of the primary Indian tribes of the region; the Caiua, the Terena or the Guarani. We will witness a traditional native dance; get to walk around the village, and to meet and interact with the local tribe (within reason). We will notice their customs and see aspects of their culture that they attempt to pass on to the next generation. The little children really enjoy little gifts such as pens, gum, small toys and so on. Afterwards we will make our way to Bonito. Along the way we will stop for late lunch at a typical European-style family farm. Overnight in Bonito

 Day 5 & 6  - Bonito - Walks and Optional excursions
Bonito is a beautiful forest-clad area in the Pantanal region with abundant waterfalls, rivers and caves. It's an ecologically sensitive area, and efforts are being made to preserve the natural treasures of this region. Since the area is rich in calcareous rock, the bodies of water in this area are unusually clear and are almost unrivalled in beauty. The crystalline, almost transparent rivers and pools display many species of colorful fish. We will have the chance to go on optional excursions to the caves and rivers of this area. Visit the awe-inspiring Blue Lake Cavern (Lagoa Azul) or enjoy an optional boat ride down the Eden-like Rio Sucuri (whereby the fish swim along with the boat) where you can observe wildlife, like monkeys and parrots and go swimming and snorkeling in designated places. Note: a limited number of people can take this trip due to park limitations. There's also an optional excursion to Aquario Natural or Prata River, one of the springs of the Rio Formoso where you can also swim and snorkel. We recommend that you choose one of the two options; both are equally relaxing water excursions. Overnight in Bonito; dinner is included.


 Day 4  - Bonito - Diving Gruta de Mimosa
North of Bonito lies the Gruta do Mimoso (Mimoso Cave) located on the privately-owned Mimoso Farm. At the bottom of the submerged cave here there are some spectacular calcareous (karstic) rock formations rarely encountered in underwater settings. You'll be impressed by the many stalactites, stalagmites and cones. The main tunnel of the cave leads to two large domes at opposite ends of the cave (divers are advised not to remove their regulator when surfacing in these compartments, as the air has increased levels of CO?). With superb visibility and a year-round water temperature of 70F, Mimoso is a good choice for all divers certified for cave dives. Overnight in Bonito.

 Day 5  - Bonito - Diving Ceita-Corê cave
Today we will dive at Ceita-Corê cave, one of cave divers' favorites in the Bonito area. The 4000-hectare (9,880 acre) Ceita-Corê ranch, whose Indian name means "Land of My Sons," boasts diving in a sunken cavern with a depth of 90 meters. Area wildlife includes monkeys, capybara and anteaters. Certification is required to dive in this cave. Area trails lead to interesting caves and idyllic waterfalls.

 Day 6  - Bonito - Diving Formoso River Springs
Cave dive at Nascente Rio Formoso (Formoso River Springs). In a setting of incredible natural beauty, Formoso and Little Formoso are parallel systems that flow into one another at a depth of 200 feet. The entrance to Little Formoso is rocky and dotted with various artifacts. The Formoso starts out shallow and develops into several tunnels. Colorful and exotic fish abound here. Overnight in Bonito or surroundings.


 Day 6  Bonito - Campo Grande - Departure
Leave Bonita and depart via Campo Grande for your flight home

The ecobrazil family wishes you a great expedition!
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