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Get ready for one of the most special tours you'll ever take! We have selected two fabulous natural destinations in Brazil for a once-in-a-lifetime diving tour - Maceió, the Atlantic coast and Fernando de Noronha in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Both of these locations are considered some of the best saltwater diving in Brazil. Don't worry if you're a beginner, or a non-diver, there are PAID certification classes and many other activities are available such as snorkeling, swimming, beach and nature hikes and much more. We also offer a spectacular cavern- and cave-diving extension to the ecotourism paradise of Bonito, located in Mato Grosso do Sul. We dare say that with its clear waters and mind-blowing geological formations, Bonito is one of the best cave-diving sites in the world!

 Short itinerary


Day 1 -
Departure from your home town to Recife, Brazil
Day 2 -
Transfer from Recife to Fernando de Noronha and walking tour
Day 3 -
Fernando de Noronha - Boat tour - Optional Diving
Day 4 -
Fernando de Noronha - Diving Optionals
Day 5 -
Fernando de Noronha to Maceio - Day at leisure
Day 6 -
Maceio - Tour - Day at leisure - Optional Diving
Day 7 -
Maceio - Diving
Day 8 -
Rio de Janeiro - City tour and beaches - Sugarloaf - Optional dinner show
Day 9 - Rio de Janeiro - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Day 10 -
Return flight to US, or ... proceed with the Optional 7-day Bonito Extension

Day 10
- Transfer to Bonito via Campo Grande
Day 11
- Sucuri River adventure or cave diving course
Day 12 - Bonito - Mimoso Cave dive
Day 13 - Bonito - Ceita-Corê Cave dive
Day 14
- Bonito - Formoso River Springs dive
Day 15
- Bonito - Bee's Hole dive
Day 16 - Transfer to Campo Grande for return flight

 Detailed itinerary

 Day 1
 - Departure from your home town and arrival in Recife
Depart on a day flight from the US to Brazil and connect to Recife. Upon arriving in Recife we'll be transferred to our beachfront hotel, after which we will check in and have time to rest. Overnight in Recife.

 Day 2  - Transfer from Recife to Fernando de Noronha and walking tour
In the morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Recife (160 miles to the north) to take the mid-day flight to Fernando de Noronha Island, arriving later in the afternoon. An ideal ecotourism destination, the archipelago is comprised of 21 volcanic islands, with Fernando de Noronha being the largest. Located 340 Km (210 miles) from the northeast coast of Brazil, the Marine National Park protects the undersea waters around the islands from over-fishing or other potential damage. The flora and fauna are rich and well preserved and, due to its location, the marine biology here is more diverse than anywhere else in Brazil. In the path of the northern part of the South Equatorial Current, the water is clear and warm (about 28° C or 81° F). All over the park you will see dolphins, giant turtles, barracudas, eagle rays, and perhaps whales. Fernando de Noronha has the only mangrove in the ocean and also has a patch of Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica). TAMAR, an ongoing sea turtle protection project, operates a center here administered by Ibama, Brazil's environmental authority. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and very secluded. The clear and warm waters are a favorite for adventure-seeking divers, snorkelers, swimmers and surfers. Accommodations are in a well-appointed local pousada. Walking tour of about 2 to 3 hours through the local village, visiting historical buildings such as the old colonial church and the Forte dos Remedios, and the beaches in the vicinity of the village. Return to the pousada for dinner. In the evening attend a talk about the island's ecology at the office of the Brazilian Environmental Institute (IBAMA). Overnight in a local pousada.

 Day 3  - Fernando de Noronha - Boat tour - Optional Diving
This morning we'll take an excursion by boat to the Ba� dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Bay) or one of the many dive sites featured in our activities section. In a well-equipped cabin cruiser or catamaran, cruise to the dive site as directed by the dive master. Schools of Spinner dolphins (Stenella Longirostris) will accompany the boat and amaze us with their almost-choreographed frolicking. Marvel at the underwater world with its varied fish, lobsters, sponges, coral formations, sea turtles, stingrays, and various species of shark. Optional "baptism" dive tour available for beginners. On the return trip, we will stop at Sancho Bay (Ba�Sancho) on the west side of Fernando de Noronha for snorkeling in transparent waters with thousands of colored tropical fish. Rest of the day free to explore the island. Possible activities include walking tours, renting a bike or even a car, and horseback riding. Overnight in a local pousada.

 Day 4  - Fernando de Noronha - Diving Optionals
Choose among the many activities available, including spectacular snorkeling or scuba diving tours. Classes available for beginners, or you can go bike riding, horseback riding or hiking through the many island trails. Advanced divers can go out deep to the sunken Corvette V-17, or beginning to intermediate divers may choose easier sites in and around the many bays and reefs of the island. Overnight in a local pousada.

 Day 5  - Fernando de Noronha to Maceio - Day at leisure
Say goodbye to awe-inspiring Fernando de Noronha as we transfer to the airstrip to take the flight back to Recife and ultimately to Maceio. You'll be transferred to your beachside hotel here and check in. You'll have the rest of the day free to relax or go out on the town. Overnight in Maceio.

 Day 6  - Maceio - Tour - Day at leisure - Optional Diving
Part of Brazil's colorful northeast, historic Maceió, the capital of the state of Alagoas, located on a thin strip of land separating Munda and the Atlantic Ocean. The city has preserved much of its colonial charm, with quaint neighborhoods characterized by whitewashed walls and red tile roofs. Don't miss the Praza dos Martïres (Martyr Plaza), the city's most beautiful square. Former Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello got his start in Maceió. The town sports a laid-back sense of life typical of the northeast, and you'll can't help but notice the vibrant and colorful Afro-Brazilian culture. The white sandy beaches of Pajuça, Jati or Jacarecica, Guaxuma and Garça Torta are reputed to be some of the prettiest in all of Brazil. Take a low-stress jangada boat ride out into the clear waters off the coast or take a diving excursion. Maceió has several great diving sites, wrecks and a wide array of fishes and sea life. Excellent visibility extends from 7 to 30 meters. A complete line of diving equipment as well as PAID courses can be provided by our local dive representative. You may also hire underwater photographic equipment. Overnight in Maceio.

 Day 7  - Maceio - Diving
A full day of diving is planned at one or more dive locations in the area. Choose from great coral-encrusted wrecks, vast reefs and rock formations like Draguinha, Sequipe, Dragã Recanto and Eufráo. If you would like to extend your stay in Maceió we will be glad to arrange it for you. Overnight in Maceio.

 Day 8  - Rio de Janeiro - City tour and beaches - Sugarloaf - Optional dinner show
We'll have an early flight to Rio de Janeiro. Upon arrival we'll be transferred to our beachfront hotel on Copacabana Beach, after which we will check in and have time to rest. Just after mid-day, we'll depart for a city tour, visiting the Cathedral, built by the Portuguese in the 1700s in intricate Baroque style. We'll tour the beaches of Copacabana, Flamengo and Ipanema. We'll go up the Sugar Loaf on the unforgettable cable car ride to get a stunning view of beautiful Rio and the sea below. In the evening, spend a night out on the town, or head to the Plataforma to catch a Samba show (the city's best one, we might add) Optional tour. Overnight in Rio de Janeiro.

 Day 9  - Rio de Janeiro - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Spend the day at leisure in Rio. Relax on the beach, take an optional excursion to historical Petropolis, to the idyllic coast of B?, on the trails of Tijuca forest overlooking Rio, or a number of other possibilities in and around the Cidade Maravilhosa (marvelous city) such as a boat trip on the Tropical Island. Overnight in Rio de Janeiro.

 Day 10  - Return flight to US, or ... proceed with the Optional 7-day Bonito Extension
Transfer out for flight home or proceed on extension.


Extension to Bonito - Bonito is located in the southern Pantanal area, a magical place with countless freshwater lakes, rivers and caves. Over 80 fantastic wet and dry caves mark Bonito as one of the best places in the world for caving and cave diving. A basic NSS-CDS or NACD certificate or equivalent for cave diving is recommended and even required at most cave sites here. The rivers and lakes of the area are ideal for snorkeling, especially the Sucuri and Prata Rivers.


 Day 10 - Continue on extension  -Transfer to Bonito via Campo Grande
Transfer to the airport in Rio. Arrive in Sao Paulo and connect to Campo Grande. In Campo Grande you'll be received by our representative and be transferred to Bonito (approx. 3 1/2 hours). Overnight in Bonito or surroundings.

 Day 11  - Bonito - Optional Snorkeling and diving
Optional snorkeling at the natural aquarium in the morning and drift dive at Sucuri River springs in the afternoon. For those divers without a cave diving certificate, a course in cave diving will be conducted. Overnight in Bonito or surroundings.

 Day 12  - Bonito - Mimoso Cave dive
North of Bonito lies the Gruta do Mimoso (Mimoso Cave) located on the privately-owned Mimoso Farm. At the bottom of the submerged cave here there are some spectacular calcareous (karstic) rock formations rarely encountered in underwater settings. You'll be impressed by the many stalactites, stalagmites and cones. The main tunnel of the cave leads to two large domes at opposite ends of the cave (divers are advised not to remove their regulator when surfacing in these compartments, as the air has increased levels of CO?). With superb visibility and a year-round water temperature of 70° F, Mimoso is a good choice for all divers certified for cave dives. Overnight in Bonito or surroundings.

 Day 13  - Bonito - Ceita-Corê Cave dive
Today we will dive at Ceita-Corê Cave, one of cave divers' favorites in the Bonito area. The 4000-hectare (9,880 acre) Ceita-Corê ’anch, whose Indian name means "Land of My Sons," boasts diving in a sunken cavern with a depth of 90 meters. Area wildlife includes monkeys, capybara and anteaters. Certification is required to dive in this cave. Area trails lead to interesting caves and idyllic waterfalls.

 Day 14  - Bonito - Formoso River Springs dive
Cave dive at Nascente Rio Formoso (Formoso  River Springs). In a setting of incredible natural beauty, Formoso and Little Formoso are parallel systems that flow into one another at a depth of 200 feet. The entrance to Little Formoso is rocky and dotted with various artifacts. The Formoso starts out shallow and develops into several tunnels. Colorful and exotic fish abound here. Overnight in Bonito or surroundings.

 Day 15  - Bonito - Bee's Hole dive
Dive at Buraco das Abelhas (Bees' Hole). The springs system starts out shallow until a fracture is reached, which takes you to 130 feet, where there are several tunnels. The system is being explored, but the main tunnel extends to over one mile. The cave holds abundant life, as the fissures allow debris to filter through, providing food for the animals. A rare species of albino fish makes this cave its home. The water is a comfortable 70° F year-round.

 Day 16  - Transfer to Campo Grande for return flight
In the morning hours you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight home.

The ecobrazil family wishes you a great expedition!
  Tour package includes 

- All domestic flights in Brazil
- Local ground transportation
- Double accommodations in beach front properties
- Daily breakfast & selected meals
- Selected activities & admission fees
- Bilingual guide services

* Rates for diving excursions and equipment rentals are priced separately, and are based upon local service providers.

 NOTE  Prices, as listed in our rates pages, are subject to availability and may vary by time of year. All prices are based on double accommodations and subject to change without notice. Package does not include International airfares, airport taxes, optional tours, tips or items of a personal nature.

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