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Come and get a taste of Brazil's absolute best - the fabulous beaches of Rio, bustling São Paulo, the wilds of Brotas, the mysterious Amazon jungle, the colorful and legendary rhythms of Salvador, the northeastern beaches of Recife, and the mighty Iguazu Falls, even bigger than Niagara. Brazil Air pass* included.

 Short itinerary

Day 1 - Depart home
Day 2 -
Rio de Janeiro - City Tour and beaches - Corcovado - Sugarloaf - Samba dinner show
Day 3 -
Rio de Janeiro - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Day 4 -
Iguazu Falls - Optional excursions and dinner show
Day 5 -
Iguazu Falls - Full day visit of the falls - Optional excursions
Day 6 -
São Paulo - Optional excursions
Day 7 -
Brotas - Trekking and Rafting - Optional activities
Day 8 -
Brotas - Optional excursions
Day 9 - Recife - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Day 10 -
Recife - Day at leisure - Optional excursions to Olinda or João Pessoa
Day 11 -
Recife to Salvador, Bahia - City Tour
Day 12 -
Salvador - Day at leisure - Optional excursions to Praia do Forte
Day 13 -
Salvador - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Day 14 -
Manaus / Amazon
Day 15 -
Amazon Ecopark Lodge - Hiking and Amazon wildlife adventure
Day 16 -
Amazon Ecopark Lodge - Full day jungle outing - Optional fishing for piranha
Day 17 -

 Detailed itinerary

 Day 1
 - Depart
Depart on an International flight to Brazil.

 Day 2  - Rio de Janeiro - City Tour and beaches - Corcovado - Sugarloaf - Samba dinner show
Upon arrival we will be met at the airport and proceed to our hotel, located on the Avenida Atlantica on Copacabana Beach. Later, depart for a city tour, visiting the Cathedral, built in the 1700s in intricate Baroque style. We'll tour the beaches of Copacabana, Flamengo and Ipanema as well as the Corcovado. We will also ascend the Sugar Loaf on the unforgettable cable car ride to get a stunning view of beautiful Rio and the sea below. In the evening, we head to the Plataforma to catch a Samba show and have dinner (included). Overnight in Rio.

 Day 3  - Rio de Janeiro - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Spend the day at leisure in Rio. Relax on the beach, take an optional excursion to historical Petropolis, to the idyllic coast of B?, on the trails of Tijuca forest overlooking Rio, or a number of other possibilities in and around the Cidade Maravilhosa (marvelous city). Overnight in Rio.

 Day 4  - Iguazu Falls - Optional excursions and dinner show
Early transfer to the Rio de Janeiro airport for our flight to Iguazu Falls. Upon arrival in Iguazu we will be transferred to the hotel. Free night. For entertainment, there's the optional "Three Nations Show," a dinner show with colorful dancers from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay at the Rafain Churrascaria Restaurant. Overnight in Iguazu Falls.

 Day 5  - Iguazu Falls - Full day visit of the falls - Optional excursions
Spend the day visiting Iguazu Falls, truly one of the world's greatest natural wonders. The Falls consist of 275 waterfalls cascading over a precipice into the Paran᠒iver situated at the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Optional tours will be offered including taking the Macuco, a boat ride through the waterfalls, as well as a 1/4 hour helicopter flight over the Falls, an exhilarating event or take an optional tour to the massive Itaipu Dam.

 Day 6  - São Paulo - Optional excursions
Early transfer to the Iguazu Falls airport for our flight to Sao Paulo. After our flight arrives, we will be met at the airport and be transferred to our hotel conveniently located in downtown São Paulo, the largest city in South America. Founded in 1554 Sao Paulo was a mission, and finally came of age in the late 1800's during the coffee boom. The subsequent industrialization produced a very high population density; its present population is 18 million inhabitants. Nowadays, this bustling city is a lively center of finance and culture. If your flight schedule permits enough time in the afternoon, we can enjoy an informative city tour. Overnight in São Paulo.

 Day 7  - Brotas - Trekking and Rafting - Optional activities
Early this morning, we'll transfer to Brotas, a favorite nature getaway in São Paulo state. Brotas lies about 260 km (160 miles) northwest of the city in the state of São Paulo, and is a year-round hotspot for adventure activities and especially water sports. Born in the days of the coffee boom, it is located a region rich in water resources, the most prominent of all being the mighty Jacar魐epira River. In Brotas, we'll get up early to go rafting, canoeing, tubing, hiking or rappelling (trekking and rafting are included here - others are optional). There are a number of easy, self-guided trails here that will lead us to discover waterfalls, such as the Cachoeira Santa Maria, towering at 65 meters (over 210 feet!) and crystal-clear springs. Wildlife to be found in this barely-tamed region includes armadillo, deer, raccoons, capybaras and the endangered maned wolf. Overnight in Brotas.

 Day 8  - Brotas - Optional excursions
Today we can go on one of several tours offered by our local agent. PM free to enjoy the region's natural beauty as we walk to waterfalls and stroll along the river. Overnight in Brotas.

 Day 9  - Recife - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Transfer to the airport to fly to Recife on Brazil's sparkling northeastern coast. We will be met at the airport and be transferred to our beachfront hotel. Recife is located on Brazil's Atlantic Coast in the state of Pernambuco. Recife, meaning "reef," has a long history as a port city, and its waterways, bridges and reefs have earned the nickname "the Venice of Brazil," although Olinda is a closer match to Venice as far as charm and historical significance are concerned. The largest city in the Brazilian northeast and fourth largest in the country, Recife has expanded well beyond its original colonial-era confines, especially over the past thirty years. A visit to Recife's beachside district, Boa Viagem, is a must; great nightclubs, restaurants and hotels abound. Overnight in Recife.

 Day 10  - Recife - Optional excursions
Today we will have the choice to either relax, explore the area on our own, or go on one of two optional tours. Overnight in Recife.

Olinda option:
We make the short drive north to Olinda, where we will have an orientation to the town and its long history. Tranquil Olinda has one of the best concentrations of colonial structures in Brazil: Baroque designs, white churches, pastel buildings, cobblestone streets, fountains and squares. Olinda was once burned to the ground by the Dutch, who established control here at various times in the 17th century. From the Alto da S鬠 the highest square in Olinda, we can see the skyscrapers of Recife in the distance. The town market is also a worthy spectacle. Olinda's Carnaval is a very popular event, drawing fun-loving participants from as far away as Europe. We'll make a visit to Fort Oranje, a former Dutch outpost. If time allows, we can stop and educate ourselves about the conservation efforts of Projeto Tamar Peixe-boi, an important manatee conservation project.

João Pessoa option:
Go on an optional tour from Recife to João Pessoa, 130 km (80 miles) away. The capital of the state of Paraiba, João Pessoa lies on the easternmost tip of the Brazilian coastline, and is known to be the first spot of land the sun hits as it rises every day. The city was founded in 1585, and still has a good number of centuries-old monuments to the colonial era. We'll tour the primary places of interest, including Tambau Beach, Manaira and Cabo Branco (the White Cape). We'll also have a look at Solon de Lucena Park, the St. Francis Historical Center, a local crafts markets and the Seixa's Point, the closest point in South America to Africa. In the late afternoon or evening return to Recife.

 Day 11  -  Recife to Salvador, Bahia - City Tour
This morning we will board our early morning flight to Salvador, Bahia. We will enjoy a tour of the city and the Pelourinho district. Founded in 1549, Salvador was the capital city of Brazil for over 200 years. Salvador is Brazil's third largest city, and was the country's busiest port until 1815. Although a large and modern city, Salvador's colorful, well-preserved colonial buildings are a sight to behold. The African influence in the food, music and culture is very apparent here. Salvador pulses with an African-tinged Samba beat; the percussion-heavy rhythms evolved from the music of the African slaves. Our hotel, the Bahia Othon Palace, is a fabulous hotel located on Ondina Beach in Salvador. In the evening, we can go out in Pelourinho, a historical neighborhood with many local bars and nightspots. This is the place where Olodum (a musical group with hundreds of drummers and dancers) plays every night. Be sure to enjoy some typical Bahian food while you're here! Overnight in Salvador.

 Day 12  - Salvador - Day at leisure - Optional excursions
Optional tour to Praia do Forte, or spend the day on your own. Overnight in Salvador.

 Day 13  - Salvador - Optional excursions
A free day to enjoy the beach or stroll through beautiful Salvador. Overnight in Salvador.

 Day 14  - Manaus / Amazon
Transfer to the airport for our flight to the jungle port of Manaus. Your adventure in the wilds of the Amazon are about to begin! We'll see some truly amazing things on our jungle expedition. Overnight in Manaus.

 Day 15  - Amazon Ecopark Lodge - Hiking
The Amazon Ecopark lies just over 30 minutes up the river from the hustle and bustle of Manaus. In the morning, we'll board our vessel at the docks of the Hotel Tropical on the banks of the Rio Negro in Manaus to start the journey. At the Amazon Ecopark Lodge, we'll be shown to our bungalows, outfitted with a/c and hot shower. The Lodge serves excellent meals, has a natural pool and a private beach, accesses six miles of jungle trails and a hosts a unique monkey rehabilitation park.


We'll take a jungle hike to see some of the varied species of trees and medicinal plants of the rain forest. Our guide, trained in the biology of the Amazon, will brief us on our Amazon jungle program, familiarize us with some of the wildlife we'll spot as well as discuss some common-sense precautions to take. Our guide will point out the interdependence of the jungle's aquatic, terrestrial and avian species. What wildlife we'll actually see depends upon local conditions, the time of day, time of year, and our tour guide's advice and guidance. Mammals include several species of primates like wooly, squirrel and spider monkeys; sloths, deer, jaguars and peccaries to name a few. Avian life to be spotted includes beautiful butterflies, colorful macaws and potentially hundreds of bird species. Aquatic and amphibian creatures run the gamut from frogs to caimans, and from river dolphins to various subspecies of piranha. In the evening, we can even go piranha fishing! Overnight at the Amazon Ecopark; meals included.

 Day 16  - Amazon - Survival course
Today we go a full-day jungle survival course, where hotel staff (with military training and extensive survival knowledge) will lecture on how to build temporary shelter, forage for food and water, start a fire and build a trap, among other essential survival skills. We'll go on a visit to the Monkey Project which houses several species of monkeys, and nurses sick or injured ones back to health. After dark, we can go on an "alligator flashing" trip - we'll see alligators up close as they stare into the lights of the guide's flashlight (yes, this is safe, for us and the alligators). In the nocturnal world of the jungle, a completely different array of wildlife appears - you'll never forget your experience here. Dinner and overnight at the Amazon Ecopark Lodge.

 Day 17  - Departure
Today we will depart to the International Airport for your flight back home. We are confident that your Brazilian experience has been a fulfilling one and that we will be happy to welcome some or all of you back some day!

The ecobrazil family wishes you a great expedition!

  Tour package includes 

- All local Flights (air pass)
- Double accommodations
- Local ground transportation
- City tours
- Daily breakfast
- Selected activities & admission fees
- Bilingual guide services

 NOTE  Prices, as listed in our rates pages, are subject to availability and may vary by time of year. All prices are based on double accommodations and subject to change without notice. Package does not International airfares, include airport taxes, optional tours, tips or items of a personal nature.

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