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Welcome to bookstore. The selection of books below has been hand-picked by our travel experts, and they contain excellent information for the first-timer or for returning visitors to Brazil.

In order to guarantee fast delivery, great customer service and a great low price, we offer these selections to you in association with Longitude Books.

 Lonely Planet Brazil  - $26.69

An excellent, exhaustively researched guide to Brazil with an excellent section on the Pantanal, and in-depth notes on ecology and national parks in addition to the usual practical travel information. 

 Insight Guide Brazil  - $22.95

This handsome guide is a profusely illustrated overview of the country, featuring concise essays by well regarded authors on natural history, politics and culture. With hundreds of photos and excellent maps.

 Insight Guide Amazon Wildlife  - $22.95

An illustrated guide to the region, its wildlife and conservation by an international team of biologists and photographers. It covers biogeography, habitats, animal groups and conservation problems in a series of short essays. Several chapters are devoted to the people of the region and to a country-by-country survey of the river's features. It also includes some practical travel information and a short checklist of mammals and birds.

 Lonely Planet Rio de Janeiro  - $18.99

In its hallmark style, this practical guide to the Brazilian city by Lonely Planet features maps, a good overview of culture, history and nature, and much nuts-and-bolts information on excursions, accommodations and sightseeing. With color photographs and excellent travel information.

 Footprint Brazil  - $24.95

By the venerable British publishers of the "South American Handbook," this guide is built for the road with sturdy covers and a sewn binding. It's nicely divided between a general overview of Brazil and practical travel detail on where to go and what to do.

 Rough Guide Brazil  - $24.95

This comprehensive guide includes an excellent historical and cultural overview of Brazil, with special attention to its natural history. It's a detailed travel guide with region-by-region descriptions. The outstanding British Rough Guide series provides a keen sense of life for the locals -- and isn't so "rough" after all.

 Pantanal, South America's Wetland Jewel   - $35.00

A sumptuously illustrated overview of the ecology, history, people and nature of the Pantanal, featuring 146 stunning color photographs. The book is divided into five chapters: People of the Pantanal, Wetlands, Grasslands, Forest, and Caiman. Produced in conjunction with Conservation International with contributions by Russell Mittermeier and others.

 Tropical Nature   - $14.00

A lively, lucid portrait of the rain forest as seen by two uncommonly observant and thoughtful field biologists. Its 17 marvelous essays introduce the habitats, ecology, plants and animals of the Central and South American rain forest. With a lengthy appendix of practical advice for the tropical traveler.



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